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The 10 best Shopify apps for tiktok in 2022

Looking for the best Shopify apps for tiktok in 2022? Look no further, we've collected them for you!

As a Shopify merchant, you're always looking for ways to make your e-commerce store better. We get it! There's always room for improvement.

Shopify as a platform is constantly evolving and expanding. As a result, there are always new and innovative Shopify apps being released.

But hey, you're looking for Shopify apps for tiktok. Well, we got a few great suggestions for you based on the Shopify App Store ranking.

Here are 8 of the best Shopify apps for tiktok in 2022:

Shoppable Instagram Feeds: Add product and variant tags to your Instagram feeds to drive more conversions and sales.

Expand Instagram Reach: Grow Instagram followers fast and easy. Add CTAs to drive cross-channel engagements within clicks.

No-coding Required: Customize and display your best-performing Instagram feeds as social proof without coding. Impress your audience at first sight.

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Create Videos Quickly & Easily: With our Video Generator tool, you can create high quality videos in minutes. No video production expertise is required

Track Performance with Pixel: Install the TikTok tracking pixel with the click of a button. It's so simple, no more manual installation or relying on a developer

Boost Online Sales: Grow online sales by promoting your products to the audiences that are most interested in them.

Insightful Behaviour Metrics: Get insightful information about customers behaviour in your store like retention rate, session duration and which products they liked most

Track TikTok Traffic & Events: Easily track traffic and conversions from your TikTok ads on your store. Target the right audience with accurate tracking data and metrics!

Copy & Paste The Pixel Code: No technical knowledge is required in order to install the pixel. Just copy the Pixel code and paste it in the app. We'll do the rest

Meta, TikTok & Snapchat Pixel: TikTok, Facebook & Snap pixel events for master, niche & collection pixels. Server-side API purchase & non purchase events to track sales

TikTok, Facebook Snap Reports: Detailed analytics by pixels, tags, collections, products, devices and even UTM-tags. Get KPI and hidden Facebook attribution reports here!

Catalog and Audience Manager!: Grow sales by creating high-converting remarketing campaigns. Create and manage active audiences and catalog feeds for hyper-performing ads.

⚡Give TikTok more data: Server-side tracking is complex. We made it super easy🍰 Maximize received events with Events API in one click. Bye-bye browser limitation.

😎More pixels, more strategies: One store, many ads accounts? Want a niche pixel to track just a product/collection? Setup as many pixels & tracking areas as you need.

🌊 Easier TikTok ads workflow: Manually define events in Event Manager? No need. All done for you. Easily install Developer Mode TikTok Pixels for many further advantages

Support Conversion API: Say goodbye to data-loss effects due to iOS 14, Conversion API tracking allows you to collect the most comprehensive customer data

1-click Pixel Integration: Integrate as many Facebook, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat pixels as you like from standard to hyper and custom parameters

Dynamic Audience Builder: Our advanced Facebook audience builder allows you to build a highly targeted custom and lookalike audience of up to 20%

Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok etc: Add social media feeds like Instagram feeds, Facebook feed, YouTube Video Gallery, TikTok & more to showcase social proof on your store

Display Reviews & Social Media: Showcase Social Proof from Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp Reviews, Instagram, TikTok, etc., to boost proof of your credibility.

Boost Audience Engagement: Integrate enticing social feeds on your store to enhance Audience engagement and display social proof to influence users to make decisions.

Facebook Pixel Conversion API: Enjoy Facebook server-side purchase tracking, take the full potential of your data. fully integrated for the iOS 14 update.

TikTok Pixel Conversion API: Fully integrated TikTok server-side tracking for your store with the highest accuracy possible. Don't miss valuable data with TikTok pixels.

Facebook Feed & Multi Pixels: Create Facebook feeds for Instagram shop or Facebook Catalog Ads and Install multiple Facebook pixels & TikTok pixels with just one-click.

All Product Feeds In 1 Place: Sync, manage and optimize all your product feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop in one place. No more channel hopping and time wasting

Fully Optimized Product Feeds: Customize product data to create a highly converting feed. Sky-rocket your revenue from Google Shopping Ads & Facebook Dynamics Ads

1-click Facebook Shop Onboard: Enjoy our risk-free Facebook onboarding: Create, Sync, and Optimize your Facebook Shop for higher conversion right in app.

Save Time, No More G-Sheets: Scale your community with a fully-automated influencer CRM. Manage thousands of Instagram & TikTok influencers using automations in Klaviyo.

Acquire New Customers For Less: FB ads are not as effective, CAC has gone up. We highly suggest scaling up your micro influencer program, this works for a lot of merchants

Get High Converting UGC: Gatsby saves a high res version of every Instagram Post & TikTok video that your influencers tag you in. This is great UGC for marketing

There are many different apps available in the Shopify App store, so you can find one that fits your specific needs. Many apps offer free trials, so you can try them out before you commit to a purchase.

The 10 best Shopify apps for tiktok in 2022

These are just 10 of the great Shopify apps that we think of when hearing tiktok. If you're looking to improve your customers e-commerce experience, then these are definitely worth checking out!

✌🏽 Thanks for reading