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5 best use cases for a checkout link

Free gift with purchase

A great way of increasing your AOV (average order value) is by giving out free gifts on certain thresholds. This will make shoppers add those extra dollars to their cart and it has huge impact on your stores revenue.

Create a link with a free product and send it to customers who qualify for your threshold through Shopify Flow, Klaviyo or the app of your choice.

Ps. full integrations with third party apps are coming soon to Checkout Links!

Social media / Paid ads

If you're using paid ads on socials or are taking advantage of a big audience then Checkout Links is perfect for you! Use a Checkout Link as your target for social posts and you'll be sure your followers are seeing your great offer or bundle and are only one click away from your Shopify checkout process.

You really cannot make it more simple for either you or your customers!

Holiday sales (Black friday)

Holiday and special occassions are great marketing opportunities for merchants. Black Friday, back to school, mothers day - the list can go on forever.

Usually these are times where you highlight offers on your store and create great bundles and deals for customers. A negative impact on your conversion rate is as always customers attention span. It's easy getting lost on online stores and forget why you were there in the first place. Use a Checkout Link instead to keep your offer and purpose hyper focused.

Email newsletters

When sending out a newsletter to your customer base you have a great opportunity to sell to people who already shown interest in your products.

Create an offer that are too good to say no and include the link with your newsletter to a guaranteed boost in sales.

Social bios or Linktree

Everybody needs a "link in bio" and whether you use a service like Linktree or just plain links you can include a Checkout Link to convert new and old followers to customers passively. This is a great opportunity and space to sell to people who already follow you or your brand on social media.