Why You Should Add Post Purchase Upsells To Your Shopify

What Are Post Purchase Upsells?

Post purchase upsells are the best way to make more money on every order. Unlike other “add to cart” upsells, post-purchase upsells are displayed after the customer has completed their checkout. It’s a truly unique opportunity to increase your average order value (AOV).

With post purchase upsells, you can offer products that complement a purchase or recommend related items that customers might also be interested in purchasing. The goal is to drive additional sales by displaying relevant product recommendations during the checkout process.

To do this effectively, there are a few best practices you should follow.

Best Practices For Post Purchase Upsells

Keep it simple. One of the fastest ways to turn a customer off from your post-purchase upsells is to provide too many options, or offer products that aren't relevant to their original purchase. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to say yes. 

You should be offering them something they're likely to want, not making them comb through an array of unrelated items just because you have a lot of inventory you need to unload.

Personalize the experience. If you can figure out what kind of products your customers will want based on their previous purchasing history, use that information. Service upsells are usually super simple and only require the customer to push “yes” or “no” buttons in response, but product upsells can be customized based on other things they've purchased in the past as well as demographic data and psychographic data about who they are and what they like.

Make sure your post-purchase upsells are mutually exclusive. This is important because if you offer two items that might be used for the same purpose (like a spatula and a cookie scooper), it's less likely that both will be purchased, whereas if one is used for scooping cookies and another for serving chips, there's less chance of overlap in functionality so both can be bought at once with little hesitation from the customer who already sees value in each product being offered separately. So if there’s any way either item could serve as a replacement instead of an addition--then try offering something else!

Why Should I Add Post Purchase Upsells To My Shopify Site?

Ultimately you should always be looking for more ways to earn more money. Post purchase upsells will help you achieve your dreams and meet your goals of earning more money.

Let’s look at some of the ways post purchase upsells can help your Shopify store.

Increasing Average Order Value

When customers are presented with an offer right after they have made a purchase, they are more likely to accept it. This is because they are still in ‘buying mode’ and so they may be more likely to increase the value of their order.

A good example of when to do this is if you’re selling a product that requires another product for it to work (such as batteries for a torch). You can offer these batteries on the page where customers confirm their purchase, thus increasing your average order value and overall revenue per customer.

Increasing Revenue

If you take advantage of cross-selling opportunities at key points in the buying process, such as immediately after checkout, then you can drive an increase in sales and revenue.

For example, if you sell nutrition products online and one customer has just purchased some protein powder from you, then offering them protein bars or shakers on the thank you/confirmation page will lead them to spend more money with you either immediately or next time they make a purchase.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Customers prefer being able to buy everything they need from just one place where possible. By giving them this option after making a first purchase and then again after making further purchases, you provide good service and encourage loyalty by building trust between yourself and the buyer. 

This is particularly important if your products require each other in order for them to work properly or if there are extra items that complement what has been bought (like cables for computers). Giving customers easy access to these items means that when it comes time for them to make their next purchase, chances are it will be with your store again!

How Do I Add Post Purchase Upsells To My Shopify Store?

If you want to add post purchase upsells to your Shopify site, there’s a few things you need to do.

  • Choose an app (like HypeCart)
  • Install the app and follow the instructions
  • Test it out (and make sure it works)

First of all, you need to choose an app that will handle your post purchase upsells. Check reviews and pricing before deciding on one. There’s a number of different apps out there which can help you with this, so it really comes down to what’s going to work best for your store. 

Once you have chosen an appropriate app for the job, install it in your Shopify store and follow the instructions as provided by the company behind the app. Once installed, give it a quick test run to ensure everything is working properly and that customers are able to see your post purchase upsell offers after purchasing from you.

Examples Of Post Purchase Upsells On A Shopify Site

Some examples of post purchase upsells that you might see on the internet include:

  • Post purchase upsell #1: "Did you know we have a membership program? Get 10% off your next order and free shipping when you sign up."
  • Post purchase upsell #2: "We noticed that you purchased [insert product name]. We think you might also like [insert related product]. Check it out by clicking here."
  • Post purchase upsell #3: "Purchase another [product] for only $9.99! Click here to take advantage of this limited time offer."

Noticing a trend yet? All these post-purchase offers are designed to add profit to an existing sale with very low friction. This means that your customer can easily buy more from you without making a whole new transaction or having too many steps in the process.

Main takeaway

Adding "Post Purchase Upsells" to your Shopify site can increase revenue. Post purchase upsells are an effective way for e-commerce businesses to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, customer value and customer loyalty all at once. They help you increase the average order value of every shopper by offering them relevant add-ons or related products after they checkout.

The key to post purchase upsell success is twofold: first, make sure that your offers are highly relevant and a good fit for the shopper, and second, make it easy for customers to find your offer by incorporating it into the flow of their shopping experience rather than leaving it on a separate page or in an email campaign. Do these things and you’ll be seeing an increase in your revenue in no time!

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