Updated cart animations

April 30

All link types has gotten updated animations on the cart to create a more modern and fluent feel.

A/B Tests

April 23

You can now create A/B tests to figure out which offers and links performs the best.

Group variants and add variant picker

April 17

You can now group variants on multiple link types and chose if you want to show a variant picker or not with it.

Custom parameter for all links

April 7

You can now append any custom parameters to your links. This will allow more granular tracking and integration with apps like Locksmith.

More help resources added in app

April 4

You can now find video tutorial on your dashboard paired with links to our most used resources.

Onboarding help article in app

March 25

You’ll now find a help article with a video when completing the onboarding.

Checklist for creating links

March 17

You’ll now see a handy checklist when creating links. You’ll know what’s required, recommended and optional for each link type.

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