How Love Sweets Candy Shop Leveraged Checkout Links for a Subscription Email Campaign

About Love Sweets Candy Shop

Love Sweets Candy Shop is an eCommerce freeze-dried candy shop on the Shopify platform, established in 2023. The brand sells a variety of freeze-dried candies to customers throughout the United States. By far, its best-selling product to date has been its Mystery Box, which allows customers to try a variety of candies at a fair price. These boxes are suitable gifts for family, friends, and clients.

The Challenge

For a sustainable business model, the brand needs to retain repeat purchasers. Although the reviews are great, customers usually buy one box and never return for a second purchase.

The Solution: Shopify Subscriptions + Checkout Links

Once Shopify released Shopify Subscriptions in early 2024, Love Sweets Candy Shop set up the Mystery Box to be available for monthly subscriptions. The results could have been better, but it was a start. In early April, the shop installed Checkout Links to create campaign-specific links to send customers directly to the checkout with various offers such as discounts, free shipping, etc.

Checkout Links for Shopify

Checkout reached using Shopify Email Express Checkout Flow

Love Sweets Candy Shop uses Shopify Email for all of its email marketing campaigns. Shopify Email offers a flow called "Express Checkout," which sends customers directly to the checkout from an email campaign. However, the link has a limitation: You can't add a product with a subscription. The Checkout Links Shopify app solve this issue and also allows the shop to offer other incentives if they want to.

Checkout Links for Shopify

Checkout reached with Checkout Links

For this campaign, they only tested a 20% discount for users that signed up for the subscription. However, future opportunities will include offering free shipping, free gifts with purchase, or custom discounts. There's a lot that can be done on the 1:1 personalization front with the Checkout Links Shopify app.

Checkout Links for Shopify

How the link was set up

The Results

Checkout Links has delivered remarkable results, significantly enhancing Love Sweets Candy Shop's subscription customer base with just one email send. This powerful tool not only prevents customers from being distracted by sending them directly to the checkout page but also automatically applies the discount directly to the cart. This avoids distractions from the customer reaching the desired destination of checking out, and makes it easy for the customer to understand the final cost upon reaching the checkout immediately.

Checkout Links for Shopify

The email that was sent out

Key Benefits

  • Reduced checkout friction
  • Improved conversion
  • Enhanced personalization

"We think any Shopify store running campaigns across email, social media, and other paid media should use Checkout Links for their campaigns."

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